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I have to thank you for coming out to help me, I so deeply appreciate it and your service is outstanding. I am so grateful to be the receiver of your kindness and unbelievable attention. I promise that I will let all my contacts know of you and your business.
Gloria Roberts, LMT

I have been dealing with Cartridge Depot for quite a while now. I have found their products to be good with reasonable prices. If ever I had a problem with any of their cartridges, there is no hesitation in getting a replacement. All I do is email them what I want to order or what my problem is and next day delivery is assured. I have had many other companies try to get our business, but why would I change from a company that I can depend on will take care of their customers
Rosie Brown, Len Stoler

Hal is a hardworking, conscientious business man who is able to get things done.
Judy Andersen, Advantage Buyer Real Estate

I am the purchasing agent for a large manufacturer. Most of my users refused to try remanufactured toner, but since the economy turned we were forced to look at reducing costs in every area. Since we switched to Cartridge Depot, we have saved significantly on our printing supplies and my users are just as happy with Cartridge Depot products as the OEM
Jim Drent, KIJ Inc.