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Hal combines a pleasant personality with excellent service and very low prices.
David Hutt, Educator

Hal has helped me on several occasions to provide my customers with high quality, affordable laser toners. The thing I like best about Hal is that he is very easy to work with and stands behind everything that he sells. When I'm selling a solution to my customers, I have the added confidence that if I recommend Hal, he will go the extra mile to satisfy the customer.
Jeffery Cohen, Consult A Pro

When I place an order with Cartridge Depot I know it's taken care of. They will even send me return labels, so I can return the used cartridges. I'm glad I do business with them, they have saved us thousands.
John Smith, TCK Printing

Cartridge Depot has been a great company to work with. They will hand deliver with friendly and attentive service. They were both affordable and efficient. They are a great business partner.
Jordan Towart, Quality Assurance Manager